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Business Area

Ensuring product availability is a fundamental ethical commitment for Nt Food, which, with the Nutrifree brand, is available in pharmacies, specialized stores, large retailers and Ho.re.ca while NutriSì brand is available in the discount channel.
Nt Food is also leader in the Italian private label field and has several industrial partnerships with main Italian and foreign groups.

The brands

With the brand Nutrifree, Nt Food is a leading player in the market with a multichannel approach to guarantee the availability of the product and a focused offer to all consumer targets. Nutrifree products are since the beginning present in pharmacies and specialised shops and as a consequence of the unification of the brand, Nutrifree has replaced NutriSì on the shelves of large retailers and horeca market.

The strategic aim of the company is to further strengthen the possibility to cover the demand increasing the presence in the existent channels and opening up its offer to innovative distribution channels.

With a view to being present in the most dynamic channel of the retail world, Nt Food launched a gluten free line with the brand NutriSì into the discount channel.

Private Label

Nt Food has been collaborating for several years with the most important large retailers as a supplier of private label products becoming the uncontested leader of Private Label in Italy. There are several large retailers that have relied on Nt Food to produce private label products for gluten and lactose free bread, bakery products and bread alternatives recognising the company reliability which can guarantee high and constant quality standard

Industrial Partnerships

Industrial Partnerships have a key role in the company development strategy. The opening of the third production plant allowed the company to triple the production capacity of the “core” segment related to gluten free bread, flours, bakery products and build important industrial partnerships with the main Italian and foreign groups. Nt Food is always looking for new qualified industrial partnerships with the aim of sharing and growing know how and opening up new markets and new business opportunities.


Nutrifree is the ideal partner for all the operators of Ho. Re. ca channel who want to take the opportunities of entering a new growing market segment with easy, practical, safe solutions to satisfy several consumption choices and disparate channel demand: from single portion to multipack, from maxi format to display boxes.

Nutrifree is a premium partner of the Federazione Italiana Cuochi, they are working together to raise awarness of food intolerance in the world of food service.