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Nt Food ensures the highest quality and food safety standard as certified by BRC/IFS which guarantee more transparency to distributors and consumers.

Over the years Nt Food has collaborated with Associazione Italiana Celiachia to guarantee celiac and gluten intolerant consumers about the safety of the products whose gluten content must be inferior to 20 ppm according to the Ministry of Health.

Since the beginning the company has focused on lactose intolerance offering a full range of products which includes bread, panini, snacks, biscuits, sweet snacks, celebration products.

This year the company has chosen to offer his consumers a further guarantee for their safety undertaking the certification process for their production plants and range of products with LFree, a trademark licenced by Ellefree srl.
LFree with the two logos “Lactose Free” and “Lactose & Milk Free” guarantees consumers and distributors that the products are either lactose free or lactose and milk proteins free.

certificazione spiga barrata

AIC licence to use the brand “Spiga Barrata”


BRC (Global standard for Food Safety) and IFS Food Safety certifications. Ministerial authorization 604/0F.508/7671 of 02/07/2007 for the production and packaging of gluten free products. According to the current Italian regulation gluten content must be inferior to 20 ppm instead of 100/200 ppm in other countries.

Lactose Milk Free

Certification which identifies and guarantees lactose free products or without lactose, milk and dairy.