Nt Food was founded in 1989 in Altopascio, Tuscany, historically well-known for its bread and since the Middle ages for the hospitality offered to pilgrims travelling along Via Francigena.

Since the beginning the company has been committed to transfer the great gastronomic heritage of delicious and genuine food into the emerging market related to special dietary needs.

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30 years of NT Food

Nicoletta e Giovanna

Founded in Altopascio (Lucca) Nuova Terra srl deals with blending and packing soups and mixture of organic and conventional beans and cereals.


The adventure of gluten free market starts. Nutri Free is born.
Since the beginning, Nutrifree brand has incorporated the company mission: to be a company specialised in food intolerances and specific dietary needs, promoting an inclusive nutrition model in which there is space both for the taste and the quality of the product.


The first certified factory dedicated exclusively to gluten free production is inaugurated in Altopascio and the first gluten free bread with extra-virgin oil is born.


``Our mission: to ease celiac and intolerant consumers’ lives``
The company is one of the first companies which has offered ‘ready to eat’ gluten free products in resealable single portion packaging perfect for eating out with no waste and gluten contamination risks.


The second certified factory dedicated exclusively to gluten free production is opened in Altopascio.


“Always in line with the new nutritional needs and consumer trends”.
The first gluten free biscuits with no palm oil by Nutrifree are born.


The third factory opens and the production of gluten and lactose free rusks start.


“Since always we have focused on lactose intolerance”
Nt Food mission goes beyond gluten free production towards new nutritional needs with a strong focus on lactose free products.


“Free” but with Taste: new languages and product innovation tell a gluten free product finally tasty and with no sacrifice.
Evolution of the company mission towards new lifestyle trends: “normalisation” of the taste and communication languages.


“Gluten Free chosen by Italian chefs”
Nutrifree becomes premium partner of Federazione Italiana Cuochi exclusive for gluten free as an acknowledgement of the nutritional and organoleptic quality of Nutrifree products.

From Tuscany top quality gluten free

Nt food was founded in 1989 in Altopascio, a town historically well known for its bread.
In these places of beauty and tradition the company produces its own bread products following the highest quality standard thanks to thirty years experience in the gluten free market and 3 factories exclusively dedicated to gluten free production.

Leader in the market of food intolerance and healthy food: from gluten free pioneers to the opening to the lactose free market, the company has became an example of excellence and a point of reference in the market of food intolerance and new nutritional needs.

Manufacturing know how

Nt Food stands out in the crowdy market of “gluten free” thanks to the production know how coming from 30 years experience and manufacturing culture.
At the moment 98% of products are produced through 3 certified factories exclusively dedicated to gluten free production, the most recent was inaugurated in 2016 to meet market demand.
The internal production guarantees more safety, great flexibility, a constant innovation and the improvement of the food offer thanks to the ongoing research and development processes.

Since the beginning bread is in our DNA

Bread has always been in the DNA of Nt Food.
Large investments in Research and Development over the years have allowed us to improve the tasting and fragrance of gluten free bread and bakery products achieving the highest quality standard.
A full range for all consumer choices: from homemade sliced bread to panbauletto, from classic panini and bakery products to burger buns in different tastes, from the retail format to single portions for the eating out channel.

Product policy

Nt Food can boast a full range of gluten free products which include all commodity groups. The offer ranges from meeting the needs of the people who choose a gluten free diet to nutritional options for specific dietary needs. A vast assortment of lactose free and without milk products has been launched, guaranteed and LFree certified. Sliced bread, panini, savoury snacks and bread alternatives, flours, breadcrumbs and high-quality breakfast products to satisfy several consumption choices and disparate channel demand: from single portion to multipack or maxi format.