Nutritional and organoleptic quality has always been one of Nt Food strong points which, with Nutrifree brand, offers a full range of gluten free bread, bakery products, bread alternatives, blends and gluten and lactose free flours.

Top quality offer

ico qualità

Organoleptic quality and tastiness

Large investments in R&D allowed us to improve the tasting and fragrance of gluten free bread and bakery products achieving an absolutely “conventional” taste that makes Nt Food products perfect for a wide target from coeliac disease to Gluten Free Lifestyle.

ico materie prime

Safe and genuine raw materials

Wide range of noble oils like extra virgin olive oil and maximum reduction of tropical oils, use of natural thickeners, native flours and ingredients characterized by variety and nutritional richness which contribute not only to naturalness but also to the genuineness and the taste of the product.

Important nutritional characteristics

Wide range of fibre-rich, low-glycaemic offer, close attention to allergens, naturally lactose free products with no milk or eggs, without added sugar and vegan.

ico praticità

Handiness and waste reduction thanks to single portion formats

Nt Food has always been committed to find solutions to meet the needs of handiness and safety of its consumers. In addition to pocket snacks, Nutrifree bread and bakery products are available in single portion or multipack formats, perfect for eating out in total safety reducing waste and food expenses.

The growth of the company and the production is the result of a series of successes over the years. Nt Food meets several dietary needs with a wide range of high- quality products made with short supply chain raw materials to guarantee healthy and tasty food.

Mix farine e pangrattato

Blends, Flours and breadcrumbs

A full range of single-variety flours and balanced gluten and lactose free blends which guarantee high performances and excellent results. Nutrifree breadcrumbs known as a top-of-the-range product is prepared with gluten free bread produced exclusively to be grated guaranteeing high and constant quality standards. Gluten, lactose and wheat free.



Round panini in different sizes and types of packaging from the single portion format for the food service chain to retail format. Classic taste and wholemeal available. Available special “street food” versions such as hamburger and hot dog panini, either classic taste or wholemeal.


Sliced bread

Unique offer of gluten free and lactose free sliced bread, full of “ready- to-eat” options, perfect for eating out: handy, safe and fast. Available food service format and retail ones in different tastes: classic, fibre-rich wholemeal and cereals.

Snack e sostituti del pane

Snack and bread alternatives

A full range of sweet and savoury snacks available in multipack format for the retail channel and in single portion format shown in handy display boxes for the Food Service channel.

Biscotti e merendine

Biscuits and sweet snacks

A rich range of gluten and lactose free biscuits and sweet snacks for a gratifying, safe breakfast. The offer is diversified in several channels with assortments, formats and display boxes, with a particular focus on market.

Fette Biscottate


Gluten and lactose free rusks perfect if you spread something on it.
Available in two different tastes: classic and wholemeal- either in the retail single portion format or in handy display boxes for the Food Service channel.

Specialità italiane

Celebrations and other Italian specialities

The flavour and excellence of Italian food tradition in the exclusive Nt Food selection dedicated to the world of celebrations and regional specialities: from the traditional Tuscan cantucci to Christmas specialities such as Pandoro and Panettone and Colombe pasquali. A selection which will be enriched to spread the unique quality of Italian cuisine and products.