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Quality and R&D

The internal production guarantees more safety, great flexibility, a constant innovation and the improvement of the food supply thanks to the ongoing research and development processes led by a highly qualified internal team. The strict selection of raw material suppliers ensures high standard of quality and safety.



BRC (Global standard for Food Safety) and IFS Food Safety certifications. Ministerial authorization 604/0F.508/7671 of 02/07/2007 for the production and packaging of gluten free products. According to the current Italian regulation gluten content must be inferior to 20 ppm instead of 100/200 ppm in other countries.

certificazione spiga barrata

AIC licence to use the brand “Spiga Barrata”

Lactose Milk Free

Certification which identifies and guarantees lactose free products or without lactose, milk and dairy.

The heart of innovation

The Research and Development Department is the heart of product innovation and contributes to keep our commitment to research new innovative solutions for the celiac disease and the new specific nutritional requirements, especially lactose intolerance.

Special focus on packaging and on single portion formats, requested not only by consumers but also by distributors of Ho.Re.Ca channel as recommended for a safe and zero-waste service.