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Nt Food was born in 1989, in Altopascio, the historic town of bread in Tuscany, known since the Middle Ages for the hospitality reserved to pilgrims travelling along Via Francigena.

The company has collected the precious Tuscan gastronomic heritage, made of good and genuine food, and has transferred these values to emerging markets related to particular dietary regimes.

Company Highlights

  • 3 internal production facilities certified for the exclusive production of gluten-free products where more than 90% of the range is produced;
  • Great production capacity and flexibility;
  • Continuous innovation and improvement of food offer thanks to incessant research and development processes;
  • Great focus on packaging solutions and in particular on practical single portion packs;
  • High quality and safety standards.



Sisters Nicoletta and Giovanna Del Carlo start up Nuova Terra S.r.l.


The 1st plant dedicated to the mixing and packaging of organic cereals and soups opens


Nutrifree brand is born


The 1st plant dedicated to the exclusive gluten-free production opens


Nuova Terra brand is sold and NutriSì, the gluten-free product line for GDO, is born


The 2nd plant for gluten-free production is born


Nuova Terra S.r.l becomes Nt Food S.p.a


The 3rd plant of gluten-free production is born in Porcari


Unification of the brand. The historical Nutrifree brand is sold in the modern channel, as well


In over 25 years, Nt Food has developed core competencies in the industrial process and distinctive capabilities in interpreting the new nutritional needs.

The great experience and know-how has enabled the company to become a leading player in a growing market segment, tied not only to food intolerance, but also to the new trends and lifestyles.

Manufacturing Dna

Nt Food stands out in the wide gluten-free panorama for the great production know-how that is born from the experience and industrial culture. Currently 98% of the products are produced internally through 3 factories certified for the exclusive gluten-free production. Internal production guarantees higher security, great flexibility and a constant innovation and improvement of the food offer through continuous research and development processes.

Product offer

Nt Food can boast a full range of bread, gluten-free and lactose-free bread subsitutes and flours of high-quality which are suitable for any occasion and that can cover the the most varied channel needs: from mono portions, to multipacks, to maxi formats.


An external logistic platform provides storage flexibility and ability to handle a growing demand. Our logistic partner manages shipments as well, ensuring greater efficiency and faster delivery times. On average every day, at least 6.000 cases can be handled.